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Quickbooks Error 6123 support :- QuickBooks is a fully included powerful financial accounting software from Intuit which is fully well-appointed to record and process financial accounting transaction. QuickBooks also helps preparing financial accounting statements Quickbooks Error 6123 support.

QuickBooks data is saved in highly secure and encrypted form of database and requires updates and upgrades as the QuickBooks software gets updated or upgraded to a newer version. Users may face QuickBooks Desktop Error – 6123, 0 while updating or upgrading the company file or while restoring backup of company file from network location. When the error occurs the database is not updated up to the new configuration of the software and endup damaging company file.

What causes QuickBooks Desktop Error – 6123, 0?

When the user updates or upgrades QuickBooks company file after updating/ upgrading QuickBooks Software then the user may face error 6123, 0. Following are the situations when the Error is most likely generated.

  • Restoring Company file present in network drive or External drive
  • Intermittent network connection while updation/ upgradation of company file
  • QuickBooks Company file to be restored is damaged
  • Malware or malicious software affecting Upgrade process of company file
  • Firewall settings interrupting QuickBooks wile opening Company file
  • Windows system files are damaged.

Resolving QuickBooks Error – 6123, 0

Moving Company file to a different location on Hard Drive

When you are trying to open the company file and getting Error – 6123 then the first we can do is to move/ copy the company file to a different location on hard drive in which QuickBooks is installed, instead of network drive or external device.

Disabling antivirus Software

At times the antivirus program install on the system also prevent QuickBooks to open company file. Disable the antivirus program and try opening the file may resolve QuickBooks Desktop error – 6123, 0.

Auto Recovery Feature of QuickBooks Desktop Support Software

This is a very amazing feature of QuickBooks Desktop Software. QuickBooks Desktop saves a clean copy of company file with the extension ADR (auto data recovery) as and when it finds a mishap with QuickBooks Database. So we can use the ADR file to restore the QuickBooks company file by renaming the ADR file to the company file name. Now try opening the file, it might help resolving QuickBooks Error  6123 support , 0. Quickbooks Support 

Renaming .ND and .TLG Files

  • Go to the company file location
  • Locate the required company file with .ND extension
  • Right Click on the file name and select rename option
  • Rename it to .ND.OLD
  • Perform the same for .TLG and rename it to .TLG.OLD
  • Now Open the company file and check if the error persists.

Running QuickBooks File Doctor

  • Download QuickBooks File Doctor and install it on Desktop
  • Run the QB file doctor program and provide the company file with Error.
  • Select Check File Damage only, Select Diagnose File
  • Provide Admin Password and click OK
  • Select desired option for Repair file in current version or Open file in Newer Version
  • Follow the screen instruction to finish the file doctor process
  • Close all the programs and Now open the company file in QuickBooks Software
  • Check if the error Persists.

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